According to statistics compiled by real estate analytics firms such as CoreLogic and Zillow, the Jacksonville housing market is one of the most attractive in Florida.

Compared to other markets in the Sunshine State, Jacksonville is still affordable, particularly for first-time home buyers and young families.

As the largest city by area in the United States, Jacksonville has quite a few neighborhoods to choose from, and the following have been trending in recent years:

San Marco

As the hippest and trendiest neighborhood in Jacksonville, historic San Marco is just minutes away from the downtown districts. Residents of San Marco tend to be younger, and there's an overall artistic vibe that can be felt across the neighborhood.

Some of the best restaurants and pubs are located here, and many of them are within walking distance. San Marco is very friendly for home buyers who prefer neighborhoods where they can enjoy walking around instead of driving.

Ortega and Ortega Forest

Any top-selling realtor® in Jacksonville® will mention Ortega and the contiguous Ortega Forest as the two best districts of Jacksonville, but the properties in these neighborhoods tend to be on the pricey side. In terms of value, however, you can probably get more for your real estate dollars here when compared to other regions across the state.

The mature landscaping of this district provides a leafy atmosphere the entire year, and the waterfront estates are simply spectacular, especially those that are closer to the Florida Yacht Club. Driving to Downtown Jacksonville will take about 15 minutes, but the nearby Venetia Village has many shopping and entertainment options to explore.

Riverside and Avondale

Similar to San Marco, these two adjacent districts have historic charm and a nice Old Florida ambiance, but they offer a greater diversity of real estate and architectural styles. Whereas San Marco is a bit more bohemian, families will find Avondale and Riverside more welcoming and wholesome.

Property investors have been flocking to these two communities over the last couple of years because rental demand has increased considerably, and the highly-rated local schools justify this demand.

Windy Hill

If you're looking for affordable homes, the Windy Hill neighborhood is highly recommended; however, you have to look out for the active nightlife in this district. Moving too close to the bars and dance clubs may result in a noisy experience. Windy Hill has proven attractive to property investors because of a recent influx of renters with deeper pockets.

St. Augustine South

This comfortable suburb is a bit removed from Downtown Jacksonville but it is highly recommended to families because the local schools have earned a certain prestige. Easy access to the beach and city parks make St. Augustine South a great neighborhood that offers quality of life.

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