The popularity of vaping has been on the rise since the mid-2000s and has helped thousands of smokers kick the cigarette habit entirely.

If you’ve quit smoking or are planning it as a New Years resolution, make Speakeasy Vaporium your shop of choice. They have everything to meet your vaping needs; not only do they carry vape products, but also CBD.

Step into one of the two Speakeasy Vaporium locations, and it’s like you’ve been transported back to the prohibition era. Brick walls, wood accents, the mirror behind the tasting bar, and even chandeliers make for a cozy and welcoming atmosphere to sit a spell and enjoy all that the vape lounge has to offer.

A Cut Above the Rest

Celebrating five years serving the Jacksonville area, Speakeasy Vaporium has a reputation for going above and beyond for their patrons, something in which the staff takes great pride. “We thrive on customer service at both locations and it's one of the main things that sets us aside from any other vape shop around,” said Reynosa, general manager. “I know that is a bold statement, but we truly are the best at it.”

Everyone on staff is well-versed on the products they sell. “I have taken the time to learn about every single product we sell and give customers what I believe to be a very sincere and educated answer,” Reynosa said.

“I look at each customer's time as a consultation to find the best product that suits their individual needs,” said Reynosa. “Every single customer, no matter happy or fussy, deserve the best possible service we can give them.”

“A satisfied customer tells, on average, 10 people about their experience; a dissatisfied customer tells everyone.”

Products Galore

Speakeasy Vaporium is also well known for its extensive array of quality products.

With a wide range of styles, brands, and price points, there’s something for everyone. Vaping devices available feature excellent performance capabilities, a full range of user controls, and high-tech interface designs.

Currently, the most popular vape device is a disposable product called Stix, which contains a salt-based nicotine juice. “They are good for about 300 puffs, then just throw away,” he explained. “I have a hard time keeping them in stock.”

Additionally, they carry multiple CBD products and kratom extract, both of which are used to manage chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. “[They] sell amazingly well and have helped countless people get off prescription medications and have improved their overall lifestyles,” Reynosa said. “I cannot say enough good things about those products.”

Hot CBD products are edible gummies, CBD water, single shots, tinctures, capsules, and vapeable cartridges. 

A Flavor For Every Mood

Vapers love changing up their e-juice flavors, and Speakeasy Vaporium has plenty! The vape lounge carries 100 different premium e-juice flavors. In high demand are Gravity (grape, watermelon bubblegum); Sauce (raspberry and Lemonhead); Sunset Sherbet (citrus sherbet); Oracle (black cherry grape soda); and Lush Ice (juicy raspberry, watermelon, menthol).

Speakeasy Vaporium brings in new flavors monthly. “We try and keep it pretty fresh with new juices,” said Reynosa.

Every Sunday, the vape lounge rolls out a buy two-get one special (this excludes CBD products and clearance juices). And every day, with each purchase, military members get 10% off of their purchase.  

Gift certificates are available.

Speakeasy Vaporium has two convenient locations to meet all of your vaping and CBD needs, one in Amelia Island and another in Yulee.

Cover photo courtesy of Speakeasy Vaporium Facebook