Jacksonville is one of the most populous cities in the state of Florida, so there is no doubt there will be potential buyers calling view your home. But before that happens, you have to make sure you are using the appropriate and the most updated marketing strategies to attract these potential buyers. Putting a simple sign in front of your home or listing it on even the most important newspaper is just not enough anymore. People want immediacy, they want to know what it is like to be in your home and they want that now. If you are going preparing to sell, here are five essential things you must do to get the phone ringing to sell your house in Jacksonville

Photograph the Front of the Property 

This is one of the most essential things you need to do in order to market your house properly. The main focus of the picture should be the house, so try to crop out sidewalks, streets, and any cars out of the picture. Those things will take the focus away from point of the picture. If your property has beautiful greenery, like palm trees, as most Jacksonville homes do, don't be afraid to show those off. Jacksonville has very varied architecture, so make sure you accentuate the best features your home has to offer. Take multiple pictures from different angles so people can get a sense of the home without actually being there. You want your buyers to feel connected to the property right off the bat, so giving them visual details is key. 

The More Pictures, The Better 

Pictures of the inside of the home are crucial. You want potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves in this space, you want them to daydream about living there, so taking pictures of minor details is just as important as pictures of the outside of the property. Take pictures of every single room of the house, every single bathroom, living room, kitchen, garage, you get the gist. If there are other important features like a pool area, a patio or a garden include those as well. Also, it is very important to include things like clubhouses, recreational areas, gyms, etc. It is important to show these things as you want people to imagine themselves having a good, fun and healthy lifestyle in their new community. Lifestyle sells. You are not so much selling the property, but the life that someone could have in it. 

Virtual Tours 

Again, the more visuals, the better. Each day more and more people becoming tech-savvy, so, as a home-seller, if you aren't caught up with all the different ways you can show your home electronically, your property will be put in the 'cute but not enough visuals' pile. You don't want to be in that pile. Whether it is a brief one-minute run-through of the home or an in-depth showing of the home, you must include a virtual tour. Keep in mind, however, you shouldn't reveal too much. You want the potential buyer to be intrigued enough to the point where they will call to make an appointment to come see the home. 

Actual Tours

This might be the most important part of this process. Once you have a good profile of your house online, the calls are going to start coming in, so it is important that you are available most of the time. It is also important to have the property ready for a showing at all times. You don't want to miss an opportunity with a buyer simply because the home isn't ready. Rookie mistake. At the showings, make sure to have treats or some snacks for the viewers to much on. Food is always a nice way to warm up to people, making them feel welcome in what could potentially be their new home. 

Show Them Around Town 

You want your viewers to get a sense of the community they might potentially live in, so showing them around is key. For example, if your property is by the Westside, you could show them around Lake Shore. With a nice walk along the river and if your viewers are pregnant or already have kids, showing them around the Lake Shore Middle School could lock the sale in. You can give them a sense of lifestyle, selling them the idea that they could go on walks along the river when the kids get out of school. It is all about making them imagine themselves living not just in the house, but in the community surrounding it. Or maybe your property resides in Murray Hill, so taking them to see the Murray Hill Theater would be a nice way to show them the fun things they could do that are close to home. 

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