So you’ve made the big move to Jacksonville, and now you have some settling in to do. You want to get a feel for the neighborhoods and find all the hot spots. Well, you're in luck, because you've chosen the most populated city in Florida! 

In fact, Jacksonville’s population is 892,062! The city is filled with a plethora of interesting things to do and explore. Your Jacksonville realtor should have plenty of suggestions, but here are at least five things that you should do now that you've arrived:

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

With over 2,000 animals and plant species, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is home to 12 animal exhibits ranging from the African forest, wild Florida, River Valley Aviary, and much more. It's also home to seven garden exhibits including Savanna Blooms, Gardens at Trout River Plaza, Asian Bamboo Garden, and several more.

If you're trying to stay in a budget, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is a perfect day trip with admission tickets starting as low as $19.95! The zoo also offers discounts for military service members and college students. too. 

Jackson Riverwalk

This is the place where you can see the beautiful skyline of Downtown Jacksonville. You can jog, walk, and bike along with the river while enjoying the amazing view. If you walk to the end of the Riverwalk, you'll find the Friendship Fountain, one of the popular attractions in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach is another location for beautiful views, so definitely stop by the beach if you're a fan of sunsets! Not just a beach with breathtaking views, the area has many restaurants and shops as well.

Beaches Town Center

Located at the heart of Neptune Beach, Beaches Town Center is where Atlantic Boulevard meets the ocean, so you'll get amazing sunset views while dinning or shopping.

Although there are no major retail stores such as Forever 21 and H&M, there are boutiques where you can find unique clothing items that no one else will have. The same goes for the restaurant scene here. There are no “big” chains, but there are local dining establishments which is better because you'll have a more authentic experience.

Riverside Avondale Preservation

Home of the country’s Top 10 Great Neighborhoods, Riverside/Avondale Historic District is known for its rich diversity in the arts, music, and food. Within the Riverside neighborhood, there's a trendy, hip spot called Five Points where there are funky coffee shops and unique shops all around.

Some dining and entertainment include Alewife providing craft beer and tasting room, Beirut Restaurant and Spirits offering fine Mediterranean cuisine, and Black Sheep serving traditional American food. 

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Cover photo courtesy of Pixabay